Bearded Dragon Care

Since you can’t have a real dragon! How many people watched How to Train Your Dragon and immediately wanted a dragon in their life?  Only me? Wait, can you tell I am a mom from that question since I didn’t use a Game of Thrones reference? Well, since I can’t have a real-life flying dragon, I would absolutely chooseContinue reading “Bearded Dragon Care”

It’s A Lump!!!

Client: My Fluffy has a lump on their leg. Doc, is it cancer? What do I need to do? Is he going to die?!?!?! It JUST showed up last night!!! How much is it going to cost??? Veterinarian: Take a deep breath and let’s evaluate this. The conversation above happens multiple times a day in veterinary offices throughoutContinue reading “It’s A Lump!!!”

First Aid for your Pet

Did you know that April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month? Well it is! This event was created by the American Red Cross to help bring awareness to your pet’s specialized first aid. As pet owners, we never imagine our dog will become injured, which will require us to perform first aid, but atContinue reading “First Aid for your Pet”

Fleas and Your Pet

Fleas are the most common ectoparasites, or parasite found on the skin, veterinarians treat on a daily basis.  Fleas can infection dogs, cats, rabbits, and humans with over 2000 species.  The most common species found in pets is Ctenocephalides felis, or commonly known as the cat flea. First, we need to get to know theContinue reading “Fleas and Your Pet”

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