Bearded Dragon Care

Since you can’t have a real dragon! How many people watched How to Train Your Dragon and immediately wanted a dragon in their life?  Only me? Wait, can you tell I am a mom from that question since I didn’t use a Game of Thrones reference? Well, since I can’t have a real-life flying dragon, I would absolutely chooseContinue reading “Bearded Dragon Care”

Training Tips for Manicure and Pedicure Time with Your Pets

“Fido! Here, boy, it’s time for a mani and pedi!”   Yet Fido can’t be found because he has heard you rustling around for the nail trimmers. His fear and anxiety have taken over because of the impending clipping of his nails. Then you start to fret and fear you will hurt him, and the situationContinue reading “Training Tips for Manicure and Pedicure Time with Your Pets”